On location shooting in Maine, '16

On location shooting in Maine, '16

My Story

I began my journey with photography as a kid, armed with small film cameras,  (having grown up in the age of film) and a desire to explore. Exploring via photography eventually became a fascination as well as a tool for me to see the world around me and share it with others.  

Lucky to have a great father who gave me awesome experiences and learning opportunities and who nurtured my budding enthusiasm by sending me to photography classes and letting me explore the great museums as well as the great wild, I was able to expand my tastes and learn where my eye gravitated.

I have traveled around the world photographing various wonders, both during my time as a United States Marine and afterwards. 

Photography to me is more than just capturing a moment, it should - at its very best - evoke emotion.  Your face should not be able to contain the smile or grimace an image might pull forth.  The perfect landscape should teleport your heart and soul to the place you see, the ideal floral image should let your nose tickle at the smell of  the flower before you and an image of a wild animal should make you feel its presence.

My work has been featured in various magazines and newspapers, I've done commissioned work for the  Discovery channel and had my work featured by National Geographic.

I currently am a Nikon Professional Services member, use a variety of Nikon digital cameras, Nikon lenses and Lee Filters.

I love to talk about these images and hope you will enjoy them if you purchase them or even just look at them from time to time.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Whether it be the roar of a lion or the flap of the wings of a small warbler I love capturing wildlife being wild.  No baited shots, no fake backgrounds.  All wild, all the time.  I capture and process these select moments and hope you enjoy them.

Wildlife can be something as big as an African Elephant or as small as a tiny bug in a flower - nature presents us with hundreds of chances to see amazing things, and I love capturing those moments, without disrupting nature, and sharing it with you.

I think that everyone dreams of capturing a unique moment in the wild, wildlife doing something never before seen and while that is a great goal - I'd rather take a moment we all recognize and put my personal touch on it.  

Leopard on the Prowl in the Maasai Mara  '17

Leopard on the Prowl in the Maasai Mara  '17

The road less taken. Backroad PA '16

The road less taken. Backroad PA '16


The setting sun on a mountain, the reflection of fall foliage against a lake, the perfectly lined path leading you into the wilderness - these are things we see frequently but fail to capture or appreciate.  

Landscape photography can sometimes be the most rewarding for me and the most challenging as it requires infinite patience, preparation, a lot of luck and a very well thought out idea of how you want the final image to appear and what emotions you want it to convey.  

These images and the emotions they convey to me are all what I hope to share with you in my landscapes.  I love going to these places and I love sharing them with you.

Sylvia - Mechanicsburg '16

Sylvia - Mechanicsburg '16

The Portraits

Whether you are looking for a portraiture session for a child, yourself, a group of friends or an entire family, I'd be honored to get to know you, discover what things you like and where you're at ease, and I'd be proud to show you how my vision translates that into a memorable experience.

I love capturing that moment when a person relaxes and forgets the camera is present; sharing that second and capturing it forever is one of my greatest joys. 

I don't take out blemishes.  I don't photoshop away telephone poles.  I do however make every effort to ensure that the images you see are the very best of you.  Unlike other photographers who might want to rush you and just get an image, I want to take the time to understand what makes you special and bring that forth in my work.