Join me on in a variety of 1-1, 1-2 or group workshops and classes to enhance your understanding of photography and give your photography skills that spark you've been seeking from pre-visualization, to settings in the field to workflow when editing all the way  to final prints  we can cover it all, tailored to your pace and comfort level.

We don't aim to recreate a shot you might have seen someplace but rather  we look to create  a greater understanding on how to find your own photographic voice.

"No Man Ever Steps In The Same River Twice, For It's Not The Same River And He's Not The Same Man" - Heraclitus.

Stretch - Cheetah pup waking up

Stretch - Cheetah pup waking up

1 to 1's:    The most personal level of instruction

 3hr/6hr classes available.  

we meet at a mutually agreed location and discuss what you want to learn and progress with and go over them step by step.   no question is silly or stupid, no concept too small not to discuss and comprehend.  

We can work with any level of equipment you have and even review portfolios/images you've taken in the past to see how your photography is progressing and identify the areas you most want to enhance.  The perfect gift to give someone who just got a new camera or is wanting to grow as a photographer.


 3hrs - $150/ 6hrs - $240.

Travel: If we are meeting more than 45 minutes from Mechanicsburg I'll charge a travel supplement that we can discuss at the time of booking.

Contact me at to make an appointment.


Groups:  1 to 2 or more, All the way  up to me and your entire photo club/organization  

3hr/6hr/full day classes available.

I can lead a discussion or do an entire presentation to your group about photography and the various skills I've accrued over a lifetime of shooting as I progressed throughout my photography.  I'll go over my time using the  various technologies of our recent photography ages as well as working on spec for various entities to working in the digital age.  

We can do a discussion about the conceptual understanding of photography and how light is the key to it all and then break down the various components of what makes that light work the way you want it to and how to think about your settings to get you there.   

image review, guided shooting in the field and classroom discussions are all options.


Depends on group size, class duration and locale.

Contact me at to discuss.



Neeeeeiiighhh - Zebra at play

Neeeeeiiighhh - Zebra at play