Focus - Limited Edition


Focus - Limited Edition


"Focus" - So when I'm preparing for a trip I have a number of ideas that I know I want to try and certain images that I want to see if I can make happen. This turned out pretty much how I had envisioned and while much of it was the skill of the guides and luck, some of it came down to preparation and perseverance.

In this instance I had pre-visualized a shot where I stuck the camera out of the vehicle (I got permission before I even came on the trip to see if it would be possible) with a 300mm 2.8 on a monopod, with the tripod collar upside down and hand holding it with one hand so as to get a really low angle while I had a shutter remote in the other hand. Now - how do I focus you ask - well I was prefocused on a spot I thought the lion MIGHT be in and shot as he approached it and through it and hoped it would all come together in an image I liked. [How much does this weigh and how many times did I try it before I got the shot - I prefer not to think about it - but it certainly contributed to me feeling like I had earned my dinner at the end of the day, that's for sure!]

Well - the other countless frames were garbage, shots of grass, too high, too low, too far left or right, not interesting, bad light, not in focus.... etc etc etc... and while I'm taking the time to make this shot happen I am constantly wondering if I'm missing an even better shot that I could have made by having the camera in my hands and fully under my control.

... and then this happens. I knew it the second I shot it too. Sometimes you don't know until you get home and see it on a computer screen or when you are doing that big cull of all the shots you have taken... and sometimes you just feel it in your bones and know you nailed it. This was the latter and I didn't try another shot like this after I nailed this one.

I'm thrilled how it turned out and I even like that it was a juvenile and not a fully matured male as I think the gait and body language is a bit more teen'ish and screams with attitude. I love the catch light in his eye and the paw coming forward and I just love the facial whiskers that are highlighted as well as the few bits of grass that are lit with that gorgeous light and I love being able to share it with you! I hope you enjoy.

All limited edition prints are available to be printed only in the following manners:

As a limited edition print only 25 of this image will be sold and then it will no longer be available.  This increases your value as it is a collectable and ensures that you have a rare piece of art.  LE prints have a certificate of authenticity affixed to the back of the print.

Framed:  The image is printed, mounted, matted and framed in a made in the USA handcrafted frame.  This includes consultation with you and shipped to your door in the continental United States.  The print is printed on Epson Premium Lustre  240gsm paper using archival inks then mounted on an acid free foam core, then matted with acid free matting all underneath UV protected acrylic - finished, presented and framed - the perfect complete package.

Shipping via UPS to the United States is included in the cost of each print. Contact me for International Shipping costs.

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