Incoming Storm

Incoming Storm
Incoming Storm

Incoming Storm

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"Incoming Storm" - This was a great morning at Grand Teton. On this trip we were based out of Gardiner Montana - and for 3 consecutive days we got up long before the sun, grabbed hot cocoa/coffee (perfect mix in a big thermos to keep you warm and jazzed up for a long drive) and various snacks and then proceeded to guess where the ice was on a very private drive from the North part of Yellowstone NP all the way down to GT. On most days we would see a lone runner out in layers of clothing running to their own tune enjoying the park. We got to the point where we even looked for them. 

On this morning we had the entire length of Yellowstone to ourselves, we didn't see a single person, car or any sign of another person on the entire trip from N to S of the park. It was quite awesome. 

As to this shot, I saw this formation of clouds heading in and just knew it was going to be a BW image. I was waiting for the layer on the right to fill the frame as much as I wanted and the upper clouds to hold and keep some interest in the top of the frame. This single frame, this moment, was it - it was worth the whole 3 days of journeys. Sometimes the best things take waiting for, sometimes it is days, sometimes years. I hope you enjoy. 

All prints are available to be printed in the following manners:

Aluminum: Using infused dyes directly onto the metal your print comes alive in a modern luminescent manner.  Float hangers make this image seem to jump off the wall and it's ready to hang. 

Framed:  The image is printed, mounted, matted and framed in a made in the USA handcrafted frame.  This includes consultation with you and shipped to your door in the continental United States.  The print is printed on Epson Premium Lustre  240gsm paper using archival inks then mounted on an acid free foam core, then matted with acid free matting all underneath UV protected acrylic - finished, presented and framed - the perfect complete package.

Shipping via UPS to the United States is included in the cost of each print. Contact me for International Shipping costs.

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