Looking Leopard - Limited Edition

Looking Leopard
Looking Leopard

Looking Leopard - Limited Edition


"Looking Leopard" - This leopard had just come down from its perch and was walking away and I thought that the moment was over and then bingo.

Rule #237 of photography - it ain't over until the subject is gone, and then add 5 minutes because something awesome is invariably going to happen.

I was so tired, as you can tell the light is fading here and I was too - it had been a long day and despite the sound of it, being glued to the camera with one eye in the viewfinder and one eye roaming the wide open all day long is work. I am constantly composing images in my head with what I see, discarding them because I don't think they are original or intriguing, looking for something, anything - to stand out and then when I see potential taking the time to make that thing into a moment. 

One of the great joys for me as a photographer is when a moment I've been waiting for develops. This leopard had been in a tree and that shot (see Hanging Out) turned out really nicely and is one I really love. However - another joy is when experience about not abandoning a shot turns out to be true - and here it is. I love the setting sun light in the eyes of this leopard and that tail... oh just the flick of white really works for me. The whole line up his back works wonderfully and really pulls you into the leopard and then the eyes shoot you right back out of the image, almost like you're watching the sunset together.

I enjoyed this whole day and hope you enjoy this moment too.

All limited edition prints are available to be printed only in the following manners:

As a limited edition print only 25 of this image will be sold and then it will no longer be available.  This increases your value as it is a collectable and ensures that you have a rare piece of art.  LE prints have a certificate of authenticity affixed to the back of the print.

Framed:  The image is printed, mounted, matted and framed in a made in the USA handcrafted frame.  This includes consultation with you and shipped to your door in the continental United States.  The print is printed on Epson Premium Lustre  240gsm paper using archival inks then mounted on an acid free foam core, then matted with acid free matting all underneath UV protected acrylic - finished, presented and framed - the perfect complete package.

Shipping via UPS to the United States is included in the cost of each print. Contact me for International Shipping costs.

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